Saturday, November 9, 2013

Biker Jacket OOTD

This look was for a visit to meet her school for the first time two months ago. Boys cotton shirt, leather black biker jacket, leggings, flats and shades. And off we went.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Denim Look OOTD

Nothing is more comfortable and casual then denim. Just throw a scarf, flats and put your hair in a high bun and done. Ready for a stroll with mom and dad!

Fashion Smart OOTD

 I really love this look! Pink shoes (that Yanni calls bailarina kiks), medium wash skinny jeans from H&M, white T, long sleeve boy`s shirt tied up and black framed geek glasses.

Royal Birthday Party

Every girl is a princess and Yanni knows that! The theme for her fifth birthday party could not be any other but "Princess"! Her guests came to her party dressed in character as well. I could not find a dress suitable for my royal daughter so as the very dedicated dad I am I decided to make her a pink/sparkly/fluffy/bejeweled dress. Yanni even picked the fabrics to be used for the dress herself under my supervision...obviously - as she only bases her fabric decisions on brightness and shimmer.
The royal party was a success as princess Yanni and her guests were very extremely happy!