Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stripes and Peplum

Black & white stripes are having its moment in fashion once again this spring. And inspired by that trend I decided to make this top for my baby (YES, I made it myself, I am a designer… remember? Haha, I am in this mood where I wanna sew for my baby all the time). I went for the peplum look since its also a trend that`s been sticking out for a while. And to pair with the top I made a fitted knit skirt in black. The shades are from Children`s Place, the head piece is a mix of sequin band from H&M that I added the flower to (it actually has a hinged pin and catch). 

Listras em preto e branco são fortes tendências para a próxima estação. E inspirado nesta tendência decidi fazer este top para minha gatinha (Sim, eu mesmo fiz, sou formado em moda…lembra? hahaha, ando nessa lua de querer costurar tudo pra minha gatinha). Optei em fazer o top com peplum porque tbém é tendência, que aliás esta na moda a várias estações. Para ir com o top fiz uma saia justa em malha preta. Os óculos são da Children`s Place, a faixa de cabelo de lantejoulas é da H&M (a flor eu adicionei à faixa que aliás é como um bróche com alfinete).

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  1. Hi there! I was trying to find your email but it doesn't look like it's on your blog so I am leaving a comment here. I discovered your blog from your instagram because of this striped peplum photo of your adorable daughter!

    I REALLY LOVE this peplum top and was hoping I could find one for myself... I am 24 years old but I am VERY short! I am only 3foot and 7 inches! I work in a professional setting in the legal industry and have a challenge finding appropriate work clothes for my tiny size! Is there ANY possibility you could make another one of this for me??? I would seriously love to buy it!! (Please take a look at my blog to see what I look like!)

    Love your fashion designs, I'm also an aspiring designer myself.

    Thanks for reading!! Please email me at I really hope you can make this for me..!