Friday, May 10, 2013

OOTD Gone Vintage...

This look was inspired on the elegance of the 50's, the age of femininity. The dress is from H&M and all the accessories are from Children`s Place, except for the necklace (which I don't really know where it was bought!) The hair was tied in the back of the head and then fluffed on the top to create volume. And voilà!

Este "look" foi inspirado na elegância dos anos 50, a era da femininidade. O vestido é da H&M e todos os acessórios são da Children`s Place, exceto o colar (o qual na verdade não sei onde foi comprado!). O cabelo foi amarrado atrás e depois solto levemente pra criar volume no topo da cabeça. E voilà!

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  1. So Beautiful yet so simple. At first I thought you had twins, then I realised its just technology. lol.